• Pocket Professional Mini Digial Scale 200g Capacity + 0.01g Accuracy LCD Display

Item Description:- Specifications: The elite series is designed with a stainless steel platform and a protective flip cover, this scale is a lightweight and compact size solution for all your portable weighing tasks.The mini pocket digital scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of 200 grams and readabilities of 0.01g, to guarantee you an accurate and precise weighing session.Its tactile easy touch buttons, large size digits and stark contrast LCD blue backlight display, makes it easy to read in all light conditions.Featuring 6 different weight modes: g / oz / ozt / dwt / gn / ct for easy weight translations, tare function for net determination and a 60 second auto shut off to preserve battery life.Use the mini pocket digital scale to measure a versatile range of objects. Such as; Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Gems. Operation Place scale on a horizontal flat surface. Step 1: Press ON/OFF key to turn on the scale. Step 2: Wait until "0.00" is displayed. Step 3: Put the object(s) on the weighing platform. Step 4: Using the MODE key, you can switch between the units. "Tare" Function Step 1: Turn on scale as described above. Step 2: Place the "tare item" on the platform. Step 3: Press TARE and wait until "0.00" is displayed. Step 4: Add the "net-weight-item". "CAL" Function 1.Turn the scale on by pressing the ON/OFF key. 2.Wait until the LCD display "0.00" and then Press and Hold the MODE key until the display shows. "CAL", then release. 3.Press the MODE key again, the LCD will display "CAL" followed by the required calibration weight. 4.Place the required calibration weight on the center of the platform. The display will show "PASS", then return to normal weighting mode. 5.Put away the calibration weight and press ON/OFF key to turn off the scale. Calibration is complete. Colour: Black

Package Include:-

1x Pocket Scale 2 x AAA Battery

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Pocket Professional Mini Digial Scale 200g Capacity + 0.01g Accuracy LCD Display

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